Normally my posts are rather verbose, but the past two days were just pictures. That’s because I spent the past couple of days in Kingston, Ontario, with my wife as we celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary. No time to write, no time to post, though we did take in a few sights that I will share in the weeks to come.

The reason for such an extended celebration is simple really: 32 is an important number and therefore worthy of celebration. You may not be aware of the significance, but 32 is the number between 31 and 33. (If you missed that, since my wife tells me not everyone understands my humour, the point is that every anniversary s worthy of special celebration.)

For today just one picture from the trip. Friday night we hopped the ferry that runs from downtown Kingston to Wolfe Island. We didn’t plan on it, just happened to be walking by as the ferry was casting off so we jumped on board.

It was sunset, and I thought the view of Kingston harbour was worth sharing.




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