Boxed Water

It’s supposed to be more environmentally friendly – but I just saw it as a great marketing gimmick. I was at a function a couple of weeks ago where I was given a box of water with my meal.

To me bottled water always has a plastic taste. I tend to avoid it unless I am travelling in a country where the water really is unsafe. I had never heard of boxed water before, but to me it was an obvious choice. The only other drink on offer was root beer, something I really dislike.IMG_20160628_082440

There are serious concerns about the environmental impact of the millions of plastic bottles generated as waste each day in North America. Some are recycled, but many just go straight into the landfill, where they will take centuries or perhaps millennia to decompose. And there’s no reason for that. What comes out of our taps is fine for drinking, unless you happen to live in Flint, Michigan, or on a Canadian First Nations reserve.

At least the boxed water didn’t have that plastic taste, but I was dubious about the environmental claims. If it is that good, then why are people still bottling water when they could box it?

I don’t have an answer for that one. The company website sang the praises of boxed water, but you would expect that. I didn’t find anything to refute their claims when I took a quick tour of the Net. Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough.

Environmental claims aside though, the packaging for boxed water makes it stand out from the crowd. If they do a good job of marketing, maybe they will change people’s drinking habits.

Not mine though. I expect that I will stick to what comes out of the tap. I already pay for it through my taxes. No need to pay extra just for a container, whether it is a bottle or a box.


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