Modern Times

Technology is everywhere. Last night it even invaded my dream life.  Every dream I had revolved around Twitter. And I don’t even like Twitter.

Dreams fade quickly when you retain consciousness, and I only remember one of them, probably the last one before I woke up. It involved Eric Clapton.

I was at an Eric Clapton concert, possibly in New York City, though the location is vague. No, that’s not quite correct. I was at a sound check for one of Eric’s shows. Though why Eric would do a sound check with 5,000 people in the hall I don’t know, but things happen in dreams that wouldn’t take place in real life.

Clapton was working on a new song during this sound check, a song about Twitter. He was singing about how he didn’t like Twitter. For some reason the song was in French. I don’t know if he speaks any French, but it was my dream and he can sing in any language my subconscious comes up with. The song was about how much he hates Twitter.

I don’t know if Eric hates Twitter. I just looked to see if he has an account and what I could find looks like it is all fan-driven. I have no idea where my brain came up with that dream.

The mind is a wonderful thing. I wonder what I will dream about tonight. And if I will remember any of it.



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