Design Flaw

I am the first to admit I am lazy, though I would prefer to describe myself as an efficient or creative worker. It is not that I don’t like hard work (well, I don’t really); it is more that I believe we are all better served by the conservation of energy.


Wouldn't walls, or a shower curtain eliminate the need for a squeegee so large I couldn't get it all in the picture?

Which means I hated the shower stall in my hotel room in Iraq when I was there recently – it was too much work.

The bathroom came equipped with a giant squee‎gee, which I you use after you take a shower. Now, I have seen that before, where you clean the walls of the shower stall, but that is not what this squeegee was for. With this one you clean the floor – there really is no shower stall.  

Now maybe I’m too western in my approach, but wouldn’t it be more efficient to place something around the shower stall so the water goes down the drain instead of all over the bathroom? At home we use a curtain to keep the water inside. I have also seen glass enclosures that serve the same purpose.‎ If you did it that way then you wouldn’t need a drain on the floor as well as the shower, because there wouldn’t be any water on the floor. That makes perfect sense to me, but obviously not to whomever designed this system. 

I suppose it could just be that I don’t understand.  I will admit that after you apply the squeegee to the floor and push any excess water to the drain, the rest of the floor dries very quickly.  Maybe there are economic considerations involved that make this a desirable design. 

After all, maybe the person who designs showers for hotels and other buildings also has exclusive importation rights for squeegees for the entire country. That might explain it.


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