Monthly Archives: July 2015

Bachman At Bluesfest

When you’ve been making hits for 50 years it seems somehow unfair to the fans to only be given an hour to play those tunes. It gets even more complicated when you are still releasing records and want to showcase that new, less familiar, material in your concert. Such was Randy Bachman’s plight at the […]

Kurdish Textile Museum IV

I took a lot of pictures, so I thought another sampling would be appropriate.As I said, I am not normally a textiles fan, but hjere was something about the museum that day that struck a chord within me.

Kurdish Textile Museum III

Some more pictures in the series. Today we look at some traditional clothing styles. I’m not sure f these are common anymore, except for he men’s caps I didn’t see anyone dressed like this, but I was mostly in urban settings.

Kurdish Textile Museum II

Today is a day to let the pictures do the talking. The museum was more than just carpets hanging on the wall. Today so me aspects of Kurdish culture.

Kurdish Textile Museum I

I must confess I have little use for fashion or home décor (much to my wife’s dismay occasionally). So a textile museum is not high on my list. In Istanbul I skipped the Turkish carpet museum. In Erbil I went to the Kurdish Textile Museum, not because I was trying to salvage a visit to […]

Falling From The Skies

It was a year ago today that a Malaysian Airlines passenger jet was shot down in the skies over Ukraine, presumably by Russian-backed (and armed) rebels. There will be remembrance ceremonies in many countries today as families and friends continue to mourn. Airline tragedies receive a lot of publicity. When something goes wrong at 35,000 […]

A Tough Act To Be

It must be tough to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and still be on the road bringing the music to your fans every night. There are expectations of you and your show, expectations that you have to meet to keep the paying customers happy. People want to hear the familiar tunes. […]