March For Life II – The 2015 Event

I dropped by the lawn of Parliament Hill very briefly Thursday afternoon to check out part of the 2015 March For Life. I have some thoughts on the subject that i am going to share in a couple of subsequent posts, but for today I thought I would let the pictures do the talking.   IMG_1530

It was sunny and warm and thousands of people had turned out for the event. It must be so frustrating for those in the pro-choice movement to see such a crowd. They would have you believe that pro-lifers are old white men who want to control women. Those attending the rally were mostly young, and I would say there were more females than males. There are a lot of smart young women who have not been willing to blindly accept what society says is right. They have looked at the evidence and are standing up for right, even if that isn’t the popular stance.IMG_1535

Watching the people involved brought a lot of thoughts to mind and some ideas that I will be exploring more fully tomorrow. What stood out for me most, I think, was how low-key the event was.

Maybe it was just the time I was there, but the crowd was much more subdued than I expected. This was no pep rally. There was polite applause for those speaking, but it seemed most were happy just to be there. Their presence was all the statement they needed to make.  IMG_1541

It has been more than 25 years since Canada last had laws regulating abortion. The pro-lifers know that. The believe their cause is just, and they are not going to burn themselves out with overly enthusiastic rallies.

They are in it for the long haul, however long that may be.


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