Traffic Signs


Once again today I am going to let the picture do most of the talking. It’s been posted on my home office desk for more than a decade.

The signs are at Oceanwood, a Baptist camp in Ocean Park, Maine. I first noticed them when we were walking through the camp to take one of the nature trails in the area. Next time I am in Maine I really should check to see if the signs are still up.

For me the juxtaposition of signs speaks to our struggles as humans relating to God. We want to see God at work. We want and expect God to do great things – but at the same time we impose limits. Frequently we want him to go slowly; maybe he should observe a speed limit. Sometimes we don’t want to go where he wants to take us, so we try to convince him that there is no through traffic. If all else fails we just park and refuse to budge.

To me the signs are a reminder that I should not try to limit God. What do they say to you?



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