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Manchester To Jerusalem

The vigil was playing on the television in the background. I wasn’t paying attention, so I can’t say for sure if the words were uttered by clergy, politician or policeman. But they were clear and distinct, as though a shot had been fired. I jerked my head up. Monday’s suicide bombing in Manchester horrendous as […]

Buckingham Palace II

Today a photo essay – you got my thoughts on this place on Saturday.

Buckingham Palace I

I knew from the map it was at the end of St. James Park, and indeed, I could see it in the distance. So I headed over to visit for the first time since 1981. I didn’t have the courage to ring the doorbell though. In 1981 I don’t remember the street in front of […]

The National Gallery

I had been walking around central London for about three hours, just drinking in the atmosphere. Wandering through Trafalgar Square I noted that admission to the National Gallery was free. I don’t usually mind paying for museums and similar attractions, not even the inflated places some of them charge. I know it costs money to […]

The Phone Booth

I think they leave them up for the tourists to take selfies. It’s not like anyone uses them to make a phone call. These days everyone has a mobile phone. I didn’t even look to see how much a call costs. The red phone booths are prominent in downtown London. They are an iconic image […]

The Guards’ Chapel – I

I am always uneasy at the relationship between church and state, especially when they become intertwined. Jesus said we should give the state the respect it deserved. Paul, a little later, urged Christians to pray for those in authority, which seems like a really good idea these days. No matter which country you are in, […]

Strolling Through Cambridge

Just a photo album for you today. I hope you enjoy.