The Round Church – III


IMG_9914I do wonder how you get chosen to be one of the fortunate students who gets to study in this place. It can’t be as easy as just sending an email request, can it?IMG_9913

To me it seems like a singular honour, but maybe that is because I am living in Ottawa where the oldest building is less than 200 years old. To be able to study in a place that has been a centre for Christian worship for more than 800 years would be a real privilege. But perhaps it wouldn’t be the same thing for someone who is already studying inn Cambridge – after all the Round Church isn’t even the only church in town.IMG_9894

My problem would probably be one of distraction. I can see myself spending a lot of time drinking in my surroundings when I should be studying. Maybe it is just as well that I am unlikely ever to become a Cambridge student.



One comment

  1. Dear Lorne,

    Yes, it really is as easy as sending an email. Next time you’re in town, feel free to contact us.



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