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Reflecting on Brexit

British politicians are only now it seems discovering that actions have consequences. The chaos surrounding the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union is simply because childhood lessons have been ignored by those who should know better. I understand the frustration many people (in many European countries) have with the EU. I agree […]

Westminster Hall

There are few things in life that frustrate me more than not being able to take pictures when I visit an historic site. It just doesn’t seem right. In early 2017 I had the opportunity to tour Westminster, the mother of all parliaments. At the time I was still working on Parliament Hill in Ottawa […]

The Round Church – II

After yesterday’s post, I thought a photo essay would be appropriate for today.

The Round Church – I

I had been told it was no longer a church, but that wasn’t the full story. More accurate would be to say they no longer hold Sunday services there – but it is still a place where the gospel is proclaimed. Technically it is named The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, but everyone refers to […]

Manchester To Jerusalem

The vigil was playing on the television in the background. I wasn’t paying attention, so I can’t say for sure if the words were uttered by clergy, politician or policeman. But they were clear and distinct, as though a shot had been fired. I jerked my head up. Monday’s suicide bombing in Manchester horrendous as […]

Buckingham Palace II

Today a photo essay – you got my thoughts on this place on Saturday.

The Guards’ Chapel – II

I had my say yesterday about this church. Today some extra pictures.