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Phone Fun

Do you ever have days when you just feel uninspired? Me too. In fact, yesterday was one of them. So today, instead of the post I had planned, I’m rerunning one of my favorites, this time from five years ago. “Mr. Anderson, this is the Traffic Department calling. We are calling about a claim regarding […]

The Phone Call

I didn’t recognize the voice when I picked up the phone and heard “Hey grandpa!”  Having just become a grandparent, I figured it was one of my friends calling to congratulate me. But I wasn’t sure which one. So I continued to talk, hoping i would be able to figure it out without the embarassment of […]

I’m A Winner

I’d been working for a few hours, so the timing was good – I needed a break. The phone scam was new to me, so I played along. The caller told me I had won $85,000 from some online gaming board. I should have been taking notes – much of what was said I didn’t […]

The Scam

One of the things I have missed during my stay in Germany is the telephone scammers. I don’t know if it is because Germans are too smart to be taken in, or the crooks don’t speak the language, but in four years I haven’t received one call from a dubious person trying to separate me […]

Would You Fall For This?

It was in my email spam folder, a note from the chairman of one of the world’s biggest philanthropic organizations. I should count myself lucky – I had been chosen to receive $5,300,000. I didn’t click on the link. It seemed strange that I would never have heard of such a prestigious organization, so I […]

One Every Minute

Nineteenth century American showman P.T. Barnum is usually credited as saying “there’s a sucker born every minute.” Certainly there’s a new one in India. Barnum didn’t actually say the words attributed to him, but he was not averse to a bit of fakery in his exhibits. He knew people were happy to buy illusion, even […]

Not What You Were Expecting

I wrote an introduction to today’s post that developed a life of its own – you may see it tomorrow or the next day. It was too serious on a day I wanted to be funny, or as funny as I ever am. My plan was to write something that didn’t involve pandemics or politics, […]

Scammers At Work

In some ways I’m surprised it took so long. After all, the new coronavirus, COVID-19, was first identified at the end of December. You’ve probably seen the reports of people attempting to profit from the pandemic, selling hand sanitizer or toilet paper at inflated prices to a panicked public. In a free market economy I […]

Seeing Thru The Windows

He said his name was Brad, and he was calling from the “Windows Service Department” about my computer. I had serious problems, or so he assured me. My computer was riddled with error messages. Given his accent, his mother probably never called him Brad. He also said he had never heard of Mumbai and Kolkata, […]