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Still Rocking After All These Years

Scratch one from the bucket list. Not that I actually have a bucket list. I missed Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers the last time they were in Ottawa, 36 year ago. I don’t know why it took so long for them to return when the 2017 RBC‎ Ottawa Bluesfest schedule was announced, with Petty as […]

Howl of the Wolf

Strangely enough for the event they call Bluesfest, there are very few blues acts. It wasn’t that way in the beginning of course, but over the past 20 years the festival has become an everything festival, with country, folk, hip-hop, rap, EDM and rock bands headlining on successive nights. You have to work really hard […]

Night of The Zombies

It’s not that I love music any less. Just a sign of how busy my life has become. The 2017 edition of Ottawa Bluesfest was a week old before I made my first excursion.  No time for that one either (I have a project on deadline) but under some circumstances you have to make an […]

Bluesfest 2016 IV – The Monkees

What do you do when the singer on half your hit records dies? When your guitarist apparently would rather be dead than join you on stage? Or maybe not. After all, the show must go on. The pre-fab four are now the pre-fab two but, still calling themselves The Monkees‎, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork […]

Bluesfest 2016 III – John Fogarty

I am not a wine expert, so what I am going to say next may not be true. But I have been told that some wines don’t age as well as others. I don’t remember if it is due to the deterioration of the cork, or sheer age, but sometimes a fine wine will become […]

Bluesfest 2016 II – The Lumineers

It was one of those songs, an ear worm that gets into your head and won’t leave. A huge hit, the sort of thing every new band dreams of and prays for. There is more to The Lumineers than “Ho‎ Hey,” from their 2012 debut album, as they proved during a very damp set this […]

Bluesfest 2016 – I

Music can strike to the heart of my being, stirring up an emotional reaction unlike anything else. Especially live music. This summer, for the first time in more than a decade, I didn’t purchase a full festival pass for the RBC Ottawa Bluesfest that started last week and runs until the 17th. I looked at […]