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2021 In Review: Hagia Sophia Frescoes

We start our review of 2021 today with the tenth most popular post of the year. It is an enduring favorite since it was first published here in 2015, and in 2020 was the most popular post. Sometimes I can’t figure out why a post becomes popular, but I understand the interest in the Hagia […]

Falling Down?

If not for the fog, I would never have seen the orphanage. The building reconciled me to missing a day in Cappadocia.  With our flight canceled due to weather conditions we spent the day instead on the Princes’ Islands. There was a big wodden structure at the top of Buyukada Island that we just had […]

Your 2021 Travel Guide

Where are you planning not to go in 2021? Will you plan a vacation for 2022 instead? The never-ending pandemic has changed the way we look at so many things. I expect it will take years for the travel industry to recover. If it ever does.  It feels like we are trapped in a dystopian […]

2020 In Review – Hagia Sophia

That this was the most-read post here in 2020 was, I think, largely because of the controversial decision by Turkey’s president to turn a world heritage site into a mosque. Mind you, it was popular in 2019 also (number two for the year), when the conversion was only a rumor. I wrote two posts in […]

Turkish Politics and You

With the world concentrating on COVID-19, you may have missed Turkish President  Tayyip Erdogan’s latest not so subtle move to reshape his country. He wants to turn a museum into a mosque. Not just any museum though, but a UNESCO world heritage building, the Hagia Sophia. This is a popular move in a country where […]

Testament of Time

I understand why this piece, originally published in February 2015, was popular in 2019. There has been a movement in Turkey for a number of years to convert the Hagia Sophia from a museum into a mosque and it seemed there was increased talk of that this past year. This was the second-most read post […]

Buying A Carpet

I attended a workshop where the speaker recounted how she bought a carpet on a trip to Istanbul. She talked about the process, recounted how much she had paid, then displayed her purchase. She spent several hundred dollars on what was essentially a placemat.  I don’t remember why she was telling the story, probably an […]

Waiting For A Plane XV – Security at Ataturk

Airports can be dehumanizing, and probably nothing in an airport is more dehumanizing than the security screening process. Empty your pockets. Take off your belt, your watch, and your shoes. Put everything on a conveyor belt to be fed into the x-ray machine. While that is happening step through this arch. It buzzed? Get patted […]

Waiting For A Plane XII – What Time Is It?

I have rarely been more confused‎. I spent almost half a day uncertain what time it was. The Internet let me down, which just goes to show you can’t always ‎trust what you see online. ‎ As the plane taxied to the gat‎e upon our arrival at Istanbul’s Ataturk ‎Airport the pilot made the routine […]

Waiting For A Plane XI – Between Flights at Ataturk

I rarely fly, but these days when I do it seems like I’m always at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport waiting for a connecting flight. The wait seems like forever. As with most airports, there’s not much to do at Ataturk except shop, and even that gets pretty boring. There’s only so much Turkish Delight a person […]