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Turkish Politics and You

With the world concentrating on COVID-19, you may have missed Turkish President  Tayyip Erdogan’s latest not so subtle move to reshape his country. He wants to turn a museum into a mosque. Not just any museum though, but a UNESCO world heritage building, the Hagia Sophia. This is a popular move in a country where […]


I don’t have time to binge-watch television. That explains why it took my wife and I almost two weeks to get through the ten episodes in the first season of the new Netflix series Messiah, which was released in January. It is a compelling drama that touches on so many aspects of contemporary society. A […]

Testament of Time

I understand why this piece, originally published in February 2015, was popular in 2019. There has been a movement in Turkey for a number of years to convert the Hagia Sophia from a museum into a mosque and it seemed there was increased talk of that this past year. This was the second-most read post […]

Time To Dance!

I was at an event at a local church recently when dancing broke out. For those who are shocked at the concept of dancing in a church, I should point out it wasn’t during a worship service. It was at an afternoon café, a drop-in for members of the local refugee community. It is held […]

Terror Too Close To Home

When they are far away, they are just news items we may or may not pay attention to. It is different when they happen in your neighbourhood. Throughout the day Wednesday, people in Canada were forwarding me news stories about the terror attack at the Christmas market in Strasbourg, France. It is only an hour’s […]

The Apostates

Life is an unending series of choices. Some are rather trivial: should I have cereal or toast for breakfast? Why not both? Others have more impact: should I take this job? Should I marry this person? None though is more important than the choice involved in religious belief.  The question of God and our relationship […]

A Drinking Problem?

At first glance the news story could be seen as weird example of persecution of Christians in the Middle East. The Iraqi Parliament has prohibited the importation, production and sale of alcohol. The booze sellers are all Christians. And with this move the Iraqi government has attacked the livelihoods of a significant number of people. […]

Useless Political Correctness

The headline reads “Document reveals RCMP strategy for possible ‘flood of foreign fighters’ fleeing Mosul offensive.” I think it is supposed to make me feel safer. I am pleased to read that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are prepared to deal with returning fighters. I would expect no less of our national police force. […]

Don’t Panic!

I can hear his voice as I read the book, which feels a little strange in a way‎. I still think of him more as a broadcaster than as a writer. The authoritative and somewhat soothing tones are accompanied by word pictures of death and destruction. I had been on the wait list at the […]

Northern Ramadan

  The sun rose yesterday at eleven minutes before one a.m. in Pangnirtung in northern Canada. It set at 11:55 p.m. No, that is not a misprint. They had less than an hour of darkness. Looking at the Environment Canada website it seems to me that further north there is no sunrise or sunset, that […]