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Blue Dot, Purple Dot

I lost focus Wednesday. It can happen to anyone. I was a little distracted. I had decided not to post on Thursday because I wanted to expand on what I had written. I completely forgot that I had scheduled the post for publication while I was sleeping. So today you’ll get what you were supposed […]

Emergency Room

Follow the blue dots, the nurse said. Which is fine if you can distinguish between blue and purple – but sometimes I can’t. I figured it out, though why they didn’t tell me I was going to emergent care, I don’t know. I had never heard of emergent care. I gather it is part of […]

Small Town Medicine

Hospitals are not my favourite places, neither to be in nor to visit. I’m not a fan of being sick, nor spending much time with sick people. For the most part, with my family and friends being healthy, I manage to avoid hospitals. I’ve convinced myself that when someone does get sick they really don’t […]