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A Million Words

June 23, 1984. 11,688 days ago. Time passes by so quickly. Time stands still. So many adventures, so many memories. So many memories still to be made. Advertisements

Unanswered Questions

The posts in this blog normally go up at 2 a.m. my time while I am fast asleep. I initially wrote this a year ago, and it never seemed like the right time to post it. Mixed feelings I guess. I am still having mixed feelings, but given that today is Father’s Day (in North […]

September Again

It has been the same ritual every September. I ask my daughter how her first day of school went. It may It have been good, it may have been indifferent, but she always manages to tell me “I hate school.” For eighteen straight Septembers that was our ritual. Until last year. Suddenly she was excited […]

Rest In Peace

In thirty years of marriage I have visited my wife’s ancestral hometown of Lippstadt, Germany, four times. That means I have visited the local cemetery four times. There are family graves there going back to the 18th century, maybe older for all I know. It is a ritual that cannot be missed, though usually it […]