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What Election?

There’s an election going on, and I have no idea what the issues are. For a political junkie, that is painful. Even worse, I just discovered there are not one but two elections underway in my area right now. I don’t have a vote in either. I think. Today I’m going to ignore Sulzburg’s municipal […]

The Day After Brexit

The sun rose this morning, in the same place it usually does. Even in the United Kingdom – which is still part of Europe after all. – They’ll vote on yet another divorce deal today, British parliamentarians having rejected the first two. Citizens must be getting pretty tired of all the fuss. After all, the […]

Reflecting on Brexit

British politicians are only now it seems discovering that actions have consequences. The chaos surrounding the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union is simply because childhood lessons have been ignored by those who should know better. I understand the frustration many people (in many European countries) have with the EU. I agree […]


Tomorrow Britons will finally answer the question posed by The Clash in 1981, just a few years after the U.K. joined the European Union: Should I stay or should I go? I’m sure I will not be the only one with that song running through my head as the referendum ballots are counted.. The latest […]

Broken Relationships, Revisited

I am away until the end of May. Until I get back I am re-posting  some favourites so you don’t miss me too much. The broken camera made absolutely no sense to me; or to Vivian for that matter. Why would a non-functioning digital camera be the first thing we would see at the entrance […]

Impresssions of the European Parliament

I’m a political junkie, I’ll admit it. Wherever I am I follow the local political news. In Maine in August I bought a newspaper each day because this is an election year in the US (just not a presidential election year, so there isn’t as much frenzy). I wanted to see what the candidates for […]

How to see Europe in Two Hours

I will admit I went under protest. I couldn’t see the point of spending good money to see scale models of European landmarks. But my wife was insistent, and because we were also going to the Atomium, which is right next door in suburban Brussels, we got a couple of Euros off the admission price […]