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The Chapel

In my younger years I was a student at Carleton University in Ottawa, a relatively new institution which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. So I hesitate to make a comparison between Carleton and Cambridge University, which has been a seat of higher learning for more than 800 years. But I’m going to anyway. […]

Less Than A Thousand Words

Roadway construction has caused me to alter my daily commute, trying to find a way downtown that doesn’t take twice what it used to. The bus regularly gets snarled in traffic, so I opted for the train. The drawback is that I have to transfer from the train to a bus on the outskirts of […]

Am I A Criminal?

Canada does not, to the best of my knowledge, have a statute of limitations on criminal acts. There is no sunset clause for minor offences, as is found in some American jurisdictions. I mention this because I am about to confess to a crime. My hope is that the authorities will decide it isn’t worth […]