Everyone has an opinion about immigration. That was clear as Canadian political leaders debated the subject Monday night. It is a major issue in Canada’s federal election. An emotionally charged one. The truth is that immigration is one of those issues that shouldn’t be a matter of much debate. Canada needs immigrants. We have a big […]

It is make or break time (perhaps) for the leaders of Canada’s five national political parties. Tonight, two weeks from election day, they square off against each other in an English-language debate. To undecided voters like myself, this is a chance to assess the leaders and their policies. How do they square up against each […]

One last photo set, for now at least, showing the frescoes on the buildings – one of the  principal reasons tourists flock to this Swiss town.

A photo post today, pictures of buildings and their frescoes in this quaint Swiss town.  

If the title of today’s post seems like nonsense, you’re right. But it is the English translation of the name of a picturesque Swiss town. I will admit I had never heard of Stein Am Rhein, a place that I gather is a popular tourist destination. I probably don’t read enough guidebooks. It was a […]

We turn from Wednesday’s look at the US presidential election to the ongoing Canadian federal campaign. With voting day now less than three weeks away, what are the issues that will have an impact on the results? If we want good government, it would make sense to elect good people. From that you would think […]

I’ve been neglecting the Canadian federal election in this space, but there will be a few posts coming as the candidates hit the final stretch, with now less than three weeks to go. Today though, an early look at the contest that affects the world far more than the Canadian one, the 2020 US presidential […]