One of my summer projects is doing some housecleaning and sorting of the junque I have picked up over the years. I came across this piece Saturday as I was going through a box of paper. I have no idea how old it is, but the fact it was on paper and not on my […]

A photo essay for this Saturday, more pictures taken from the observation tower outside the German town of Schluchsee.

My wife is the first to admit she has a talent she would rather not possess. I too find it annoying at times. If we are climbing a hill (and some days it seems that is all we do), whichever path she chooses will invariably turn out to be the steepest. Such was the case […]

  Back in Canada after a ten month absence and feeling a little disoriented. The jet lag isn’t as bad coming from Europe as going there, so it isn’t to blame. There are new buildings, including a huge Amazon warehouse on the outskirts of town that wasn’t there last year. The new light-rail project is […]

It finally happened. A German used the H word in my presence. I haven’t been all that surprised that Adolf Hitler doesn’t come up in conversation here. You could say it is because Germany and Germans prefer not to remember the Nazi era. It has been almost 75 years, that generation is dead, most of […]

So much to do, so little time. Thought we’d start the work week with some humor instead of one of my hopefully insightful examinations of society.

I’m taking the day off today. We’ll returned to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. I think.