The phone rang and the question was: “Could you answer a couple of questions on provincial government policy?” I agreed. It wasn’t a pollster calling, but a fundraiser from Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party. Once he’d asked his two policy questions, he wanted more. Specifically a donation. To keep the governing party going in the right […]

Now the real work begins. For Pierre Poilievre, winning the Conservative Party of Canada leadership on Saturday night is only the beginning. Now he has to unify a divided group, healing wounds of division – many of which he created. The past two Conservative leaders have been undermined by factions within the party. Some objected to […]

The announcement will be made this evening, naming a new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and presumably the next Prime Minister, given that Justin Trudeau has supposedly told his caucus he will stay and fight another election. After six months of campaigning and almost 700,000 party memberships sold, all that is left is […]

Mixed feelings best describes my reaction to Lifemark, which hits theatres today. (In Canada  It can be seen in select Cineplex & Landmark Theatres. In the US it will be shown on about 1,400 screens, though in Canada you might have to look to find it.), I suspect that might be because of the difference […]

I feel as if the world has lost its moorings and is now drifting with the tide. Elizabeth II is dead. We knew the day was coming. She was 96, and had been Queen for an unprecedented 70 years. It was only a matter of time Yet somehow she seemed immortal. The only Queen of Canada […]

… so I looked it up. Turns out you can believe some things you read on the internet. I do occasionally put forth arguments here on various issues. I have no illusions though that anyone is convinced by what I say – no matter how right I am.

I jumped the gun with Saturday’s post, but where I live today is really the first day of school – at all levels. Given that, I thought some back-to-school humor was in order.

I received an email from a reader asking why I hadn’t written more about the race for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership. Given that the winner may be the next Prime Minister, it is something that will affect a lot of Canadians. Tuesday is the deadline for the mail-in ballots to be submitted, with […]

It’s Sunday, and I am away on a retreat. This post from October 2014 seemed appropriate for the day. My wife’s aunt is a retired schoolteacher. She makes certain that any visit we make to her in Lippstadt, Germany, has an educational component. There are no options, we will learn something. Or else. Since we […]

School starts again Tuesday after summer break, at least in most places in Canada. There are a few schools that have already had students return. Even though it is Saturday, I thought a few back-to-school chuckles might be in order. I thought these were mildly amusing. Did you?