Are you influenced by public opinion polls? Are you sure? During election campaigns there seems to be a new poll published daily. In Canada’s federal election this week the numbers don’t seem to mean that much as the leading parties are so close. Still, the polls keep coming. And we all check the numbers. People […]

Saw this for sale in a store on the weekend. Almost bought it. But then I couldn’t decide where I would hang it.

Just a week until election day, and there is still no predictable winner in Canada’s federal election. Or is there? The Liberals regained their lead in the polls during the past few days, but the Conservatives are so close that the numbers are meaningless – all within the pollsters’ margin of error. Given the way […]

Honestly, I think most people live their daily lives along a spectrum from slightly rattled to completely fried as their normal state of being. – John Eldredge If you have a smartphone, if you use social media, you should read this book. I could give a longer review, listing all the reasons, but there is […]

Twenty years. A defining moment. You probably remember exactly where you were when you heard the news. So many lives lost. Not just that day but in the wars that followed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Thousands on September 11 in the US, more than a million, according to some estimates, in the violence that followed. […]

It is COVID-19″s fault. But probably many people haven’t realized it yet, and won’t before September 20. By which time it may be too late. This weekend is the advance polling in Canda’s federal pandemic election, the one the Prime Minister kept insisting he didn’t want – until he called it, hoping to be returned […]

By the time the leaders clash in televised debates, Canadian federal elections are usually already decided. Voters’ minds are made up and the debate doesn’t change anything. This year is different. After squaring off twice in French, finallly the party leaders will spar with each other tonight in an election that all polls indicate is […]

I’d been working for a few hours, so the timing was good – I needed a break. The phone scam was new to me, so I played along. The caller told me I had won $85,000 from some online gaming board. I should have been taking notes – much of what was said I didn’t […]

It was a harebrained idea. We were way too young. I have to admit though, we had fun. It was the summer of 1966. I was almost 12-years old. And my father, I think, came up with an idea to keep two pre-teens from getting bored during a long summer. Send them to secretarial school. […]

Today is Labor Day, the unofficial start to fall and the kickoff of the school year in many places.  There isn’t as much celebrating today as we are used to seeing. People are dealing with too many uncertainties to be in a celebratory mood. Especially about the return to school.In many places children are returning […]