The tree in Sulzburg’s market square has been the subject of several previous posts here, and I really thought I was done with it as May came to an end. Back in December it was a Christmas tree; quite nice to look when we would return home after dark. At some point early in the […]

After a week of reflections on the trail above St. Ulrich, I’m ready for a break. We’ll return to the trail in a few days, but I have a few other things on my mind that I want to share. Barrack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize when he had been the American president for […]

My wife mentioned that the walk we were taking last Saturday above the village of St. Ulrich had a spiritual component, that it was kind of a mini-pilgrimage. I thought it might be like walking the stations of the cross, as many Roman Catholics do on Good Friday. I suppose that isn’t surprising – the […]

When I was a child we visited Ontario, where I was warned it was illegal to pick trilliums, the provincial flower, if you came across any growing wild. Turns out that wasn’t true – the flower does not have protected status. The Black Forest seems to be one big nature park, and I have yet […]

I know there is wildlife in the Black forest – but I never seem to see any. That may be because there are always people on the trails. When walking in Ottawa’s urban forest it is not unusual to see many different animals. Small ones like squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and raccoons are common. There are […]

We take a break from our Black Forest series today because…. …it is voting day in Ontario. Voters are set to choose which of the three major parties will form the government. I will admit to not being all that excited. If we were still living in the province, I would probably have written extensively […]

A continuation of yesterday’s post, pictures taken in the hills around St. Ulrich.