I was going to use these images last Monday, and got sidetracked. But I remembered that I had them and am sharing them today. They are more inspirational than funny perhaps, but who doesn’t need a bit of inspiration to start the work week? I must admit I have never been overly concerned with Mondays. […]

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we do some things. This was brought home to me when I looked out my front door Saturday morning to check snowfall accumulation and saw a pizza box sitting on my front porch. Obviously the delivery person had knocked on the door, then placed the pizza, and a bag […]

The timing was fortuitous. When Canada’s Minister of National Defence announced that the government is buying 88 F-35 fighter jets, the announcement was timed for when the Prime Minister would be out the country.  That way he didn’t have to take any questions. For him this is an especially embarrassing purchase, which explains why the […]

I’ve been trying to get caught up on current events in Canada, and add my tewo cents worth here, but I have not forgotten that many people are interested in travel posts. I was in Egypt over the Christmas season and I am still mentally processing what I want to say about some of the […]

In the United States, Wednesday, more than 10,000 flights were delayed or canceled due to a problem with the Federal Aviation Administration’s computer system. A similar computer glitch in Canada supposedly had no effect on t5ravelers’ plans – maybe because our system is already in chaos. Canada’s Transport Minister is to appear before a House […]

Did you know Ottawa gets snow in the winter? And sometimes freezing rain? Of course you did. Do you know who apparently didn’t know that? The people who run our transit system. That has to be the explanation. The people in charge cannot possibly live here. Nor can they be aware of the weather we […]

At some point this year I expect we will be discussing the nature of government messaging and its effect on our society and on us as individuals. Perhaps to foreshadow that, here’s a post from January 2015. In our post-modern world Truth seems to have become a relative where it once was an absolute. Perhaps […]

I did have a different post planned for today, but thought perhaps some humor might be appropriate for a Monday morning. Then I saw this online. 2020 seems so long ago. That panic buying and hoarding said a lot about our priorities, about us as a society, and about the fragility of the supply chain. […]

The driver took a detour to get to our destination. Apparently there were road closures. It was December 26 and I wasn’t thinking about Christmas, but it wasn’t going to be Christmas in Egypt until January 7, as most Christians there follow the Julian calendar. Most church holy days happen a couple of weeks after […]

Every indoor shopping mall has one, and the bigger malls have more than one. But the food court at the Cairo Festival City Mall is different from anything I have seen in Canada. Not in terms of the restaurants, which are basically the same wherever you go. Yes, there are some Middle Eastern chains I […]