I had thought to kill this series after the 30th installment – but continuing it saves me the effort of coming up with a new title for airport-related posts. Strictly speaking, by the time I took these pictures we were no longer waiting for a plane – the flight had already been cancelled. Which gave […]

The church service at St. Cyriak, just a minute’s walk from our apartment, is at 10 on Sunday mornings. I gather it has been for centuries. But 10 a.m. isn’t when it starts. St. Cyriak is part of a multiple point pastoral charge, including churches in Laufen and St. Ilgen. There used to be a […]

The weather forecast is good – I’m going to spend the day at the beach. But I couldn’t resist sharing this one with you before I go. I’ll probably get in trouble for posting this – I have friends and family members who are accountants. Please don’t take this personally.  

I’ve posted this one before. Another reason why I try not to use the autocomplete feature. My phone is very creative with the options it gives me, but never have I had to deal with a choice like the one depicted below.  

It is August. I am sure of that because I read it on the calendar. Though my first visit of the year to a Canadian grocery store had me wondering.   It had been ten months since my last visit, and there had been a few changes at my local store, more that is than just […]

A week ago today I flew back from Germany to Canada. Except I didn’t. It is a rather lengthy saga of a 42-hour voyage that saw me, after 24 hours of travel, 100 kilometers further from my destination than when I started.   The tale bears telling, and will indeed be told here, but before I […]

(Originally posted August 22, 2016) When you vacation in the same place each year some things become ritual. Like sunrises. I try to take a picture of the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean at least once in my two weeks at Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I’m a natural early riser, which is a good […]