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Truth: 2020 Version

For those of us used to working from home the “new normal” probably isn’t that different from the old one. I don’t get excited about car rides – can’t go and visit people yet, and nothing here is open that I want to visit.  

More Gnomes

Saw these ones for the first time yesterday. Maybe I just hadn’t noticed them before, but that is unlikely considering how many are in crevices in the old city wall.

Look At The Wall!

Sometimes you see things in a new light. Like this wall, rather washed out in the sunshine. I was heading back into Sulzburg after walking in the vineyards at the edge of town. There are a number of possible routes, and I have taken this one before. Fifty times. Maybe a hundred. But I never […]

Wednesday Already

I’ve posted these before. I still find them funny. These days we all can use a little humor. Admit it – at least one of those made you smile. You are welcome. We now return to our regularly scheduled world crisis.

Cultural Expression

  I’ll admit I laughed when I first saw this one on social media. Then I looked it up to see if it was real. They do things differently in the Canadian north. This is for illustration only – please note the fine print.

Still Open

Hotels around the world are closed. The tourist industry is in a tailspin. But this insect hotel on the edge of Sulzburg is still open for business.

Mixed Message

Walking down the street Thursday, I came across this banner on a house around the corner. I was drawn to it because it is in English – and no-one in Sulzburg really speaks English. But I can’t figure out what the message is supposed to be. Are we being urged to leave no-one behind? Or […]

Take A Deep Breath….

I was going to post something about COVID-19 today. It is the hot topic after all. However, if you are like me you are probably getting sick of hearing about coronavirus. Tell me something new, don’t repeat the same information. But there is nothing new. The virus will spread. Most people will get it. The […]

Welcome to Thursday

I had big plans for today’s post. I was going to be topical and witty. Maybe a coronavirus joke or two. But the ones I found online weren’t really funny. Not surprising given the spread of the disease. Maybe six months from now… Thoughtful political commentary seemed to be a good choice. But I couldn’t […]

Thought For A Sunday

Originally posted on random thoughts from lorne:
I can’t remember if I have posted this picture before, but even if I have, it is worth repeating. I have friends who don’t read very much or very often. I feel pity for them – they miss out on so much. Sunday is a day of rest…