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First Snow

“Take your boots back to Canada,” my wife told me in November. “You are never going to use them here.” The winter boots are an ongoing joke. I bought them in the fall of 2017, making sure I was prepared for the winter all my German friends assured me was coming. Except it didn’t. Throughout […]

2020 In Review – A Bowl of Cherries

This was the most popular of my 2020 offerings, the third most-viewed post of the year. It surprises me how some posts maintain their popularity from year to year. An I wouldn’t have expected this one to top the 2020 offerings. Fruit is always popular I guess. No, seriously, I have no idea why people […]

Predictions For 2021

Welcome to 2021. Got any plans for this year? Do you think it is safe to make them, given how many of our plans were upended last year? Most of us enter a new year with a sense of optimism. No matter what has come before, this is a new beginning. The slate is clean; […]

Thoughts As The Year Ends

This is the end, beautiful friendThis is the end, my only friendThe end of our elaborate plansThe end of ev’rything that standsThe end – Jim Morrison, The Doors We say goodbye to 2020 as the year ends not with a bang, but with a whimper. Most people are glad to see it go, and are […]

Are You In This Picture?

Is this you? Do you know any of these people? I found this undated photo in with some papers while I was in quarantine earlier this month. I have no idea who any of them are – except for me of course. (I’m the one with the beard.) Nor do I remember where or when it […]

Welcome To Winter

It is official. Winter starts today, just as this post is being published. I timed it that way. The forecast high of two doesn’t seem overly wintery. However, there is snow on the way, perhaps ten centimetres on Christmas Eve. That does seem like Winter. Not that the Winter Solstice means much in terms of […]

A Friend of Mine is Dead … Except That He Isn’t

Originally posted on Thinking Out Loud:
If you Google the name of a friend of mine, you’ll discover that he died. In 1984. Accept that he didn’t. Google has taken the information about a sports personality I hadn’t heard of, and conflated it with the picture image of my friend who, according to his own…

The Dream Is Over

I was going to write the great Canadian novel. But I never got around to it. Life is like that sometimes. I had a book planned. Then last week I trashed all of my notes. The story revolved around the adventures of a newspaper reporter in a small Canadian town. It would be based on […]

More Than A Pile Of Sticks

I must have walked by this pile of old wood in the vineyard on the edge of Sulzburg a dozen times in the past two weeks, never giving it a second thought. Until the last time. I should have wondered why the pile was there when I first saw it, but my mind tends to […]


We were early at the playground to meet friends, so there was time for a short walk around the area. You’ll never guess what we found. It was the free-range chickens that first grabbed our attention, then we saw the vending machine with the eggs. Up close we realized there were more than eggs. In […]