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Technology Shock

It was the size that caught my attention. Do you notice these things? I was installing a new app for my phone, to better manage one of the loyalty programs I belong to. I gave the usual permissions and the download started. I noted it was 31.5 megabytes. That jogged my memory. Back in 1990 […]

More Signs of Spring

Walking through the vineyards yesterday and came across these trees in bloom. I should know what they are (crab-apple perhaps?) but my brain seems to be turning to mush these days. I hear it is still unseasonably cold in Canada. I’d feel guilty about enjoying the German sunshine if I was the sort of person […]

Easter Is Coming!

Somehow I think the spiritual significance of the holiday is missing here. This rabbit dominates the Sulzburg market square these days. I am sure that last year the basket had plastic eggs – which promptly disappeared. The flowers are a nice touch. I guess the rabbit is safe. A cross might offend some people.

Sunday Again

It is a new day and a new week. What are your plans? Do something different today, something you’ve thought about, but have never made the time for. Do something nice for someone else. Read a book, just for pleasure. Go for a walk in the sunshine. Or in the rain or snow. Call an […]

Meaty Adventure

You can get things in the grocery store in France that you can’t get in Germany. Or in Canada for that matter. Like horse. It has been one of those things I have wanted to try for years, but just hadn’t had the opportunity. You can buy horse meat in Canada, but only certain places. […]

Suitably Random

This is not the post I had planned for today. I’d blame the outbreak of nuclear war, but that would be fake news. I’m not that presidential. I’m a little distracted by the ongoing Canadian political scandal. I’m possibly the only one who was watching online as MPs went through a succession of votes at […]

Signs of Spring

My friends in Canada keep posting pictures of snow on their Facebook pages. And with Spring about to begin, I heard the temperature there was -10 Celsius. So I have been reluctant to tell them there is no winter in Sulzburg. They had record snowfall, we had no snowfall. I have these very nice new […]