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Never Thought of That

I heard the sounds before I saw the workers. The familiar sounds of a water truck cleaning the street. In Canada, as Spring comes they send out trucks with high pressure spray nozzles to hose down the streets, clearing away a winter’s accumulated grit with a pressure wash. The streets don’t stay clean for long, […]

Today’s Thousand Words

The steeple of Freiburg’s famous Munster seen from a couple of blocks away yesterday.

An Unexpected Crowd

My wife had had enough. Me too. We just had to so somewhere different. Freiburg was the logical choice. I have been avoiding that city since last September, when it was announced that masks mist be worn at all times in the inner city. I don’t like masks, so I just didn’t travel to Freiburg. […]

Saint Patrick’s Day 2021

The party will be subdued this year, even more than in 2020. No parades, maybe not even any green beer, which has nothing to do with St. Patrick anyway. He may be the patron saint of Ireland, but he wasn’t even Irish. In my corner of Germany Patrick’s presence is felt, though I would guess […]

Your 2021 Travel Guide

Where are you planning not to go in 2021? Will you plan a vacation for 2022 instead? The never-ending pandemic has changed the way we look at so many things. I expect it will take years for the travel industry to recover. If it ever does.  It feels like we are trapped in a dystopian […]

Politics Then Is Politics Now

A flashback for you today – one of my early posts from September 2014. One of the fun things about a vacation, for me anyway, is traveling to locations that can bring history alive in a new way. That was Dunwich, a village in Suffolk County on England’s North Sea Coast. I had never heard […]

A Local Hero

Ever heard of Johann Peter Hebel? Neither had I. But he has a park named after him in Lorrach. Being curious, I looked him up online once I got home. No wonder I never heard of him. He was a writer, teacher and theologian who wrote in Alemmanic. That’s a local German dialect that I […]

Memory Lapses

When you travel you are confident the memories will stay with you forever. It doesn’t always work that way. Every family has a box of old pictures taken before the digital age. Vacations, friends, relatives – who knows who these people are? Sometimes the names would get written on the back of the print, more […]

Just For Fun

I was looking at old travel photos earlier today, debating if I wanted to share some. I can’t decide if it is a good idea. In these days of travel restrictions it seems a little cruel to talk about places we can’t visit. Yet at the same time they bring back good memories and warm […]

Mobile Phone Blues

Walking through the Black Forest late Monday afternoon between the villages of Muggart and Laufen I realized my phone just doesn’t do what I want it to. An upgrade would seem to be required – but the feature I feel is missing is probably decades away. It isn’t the quality of the camera, as you […]