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Sounds of Music

Dreaming of travel again since none of us can go anywhere. Here’s a post from 2014 about the Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels. It’s a monument to creativity, seven floors in downtown Brussels devoted to musical instruments. But there was no cigar box banjo. Admission is free at the Musical Instruments Museum on Wednesdays, so we planned […]

Is It Fast?

Though I am not a farm boy, I have seen my share of tractors over the years – but never one like this. Sunday afternoon in Feldberg (not to be confused with the town of the same name in the Titisee region), we were taking in some nice views of the vineyards and surrounding hills […]

Dreaming of Summer

How are your vacation plans coming along? Everything up in the air thanks to COVID-19? Mine are. I wrote a rant for today, making light of some serious issues. My vacation probably won’t happen as planned this summer. The State of Maine is discouraging visitors by requiring them to quarantine for two weeks (and I […]

Silly Season

The tulips are in bloom in Ottawa – and the government wants people to view them online, not in person. Understandable I guess. Everyone knows you can catch COVID-19 from flowers. You can’t of course, at least as far as anyone knows. Officials with the National Capital Commission (NCC) are more concerned with large crowds […]

From The Tower

There is a water tower sitting on a ridge just outside the village of Heitersheim. From there you get a nice view of the surrounding area, especially the vineyards that we frequently walk through. Every day I am thankful to be living where I do. The social distancing restrictions, the not being able to be […]

Another Castle

When I re-posted my reflections on Dracula’s castle a couple of days ago, I realized I should also let you revisit the other castle I visited that same day. Since no-one is going anywhere today, let’s take a trip back to 2014.   The suits of armour were very impressive. As was the entire armoury at […]

Social Distancing Changes This Holiday

I was planning on a May Day post today. I knew the holiday would be different this year, that there would be no large gatherings. But I thought there would still be some observance. So yesterday evening I dropped by the Sulzburg Market Square, thinking I would at least see this year’s Maypole being erected. […]