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In The Courtyard

The Alsatian town of Kaysersberg was given the title “City of the Empire” in 1293, according to a mural I discovered when checking out a courtyard off one of the main streets. There I found this mural commissioned to mark the 700th anniversary of the event. The title was given by Adolf, who was King […]

Man’s Inhumanity

The first question I thought when visiting the Dachau concentration camp was: “How could they not have known?” Of course, many Germans did know of the concentration camps and bought the lies about what was happening there. It was easier to pretend than to confront the reality. After all, as it said on the gates, […]

Fontana Del Pantheon

With Saturday’s post being about the upcoming American election, I thought perhaps a photo essay would be appropriate today, something to cleanse your palate, so to speak. And what could be more cleansing than a nicely flowing fountain? Rome has so many of them, with the best-known being Trevi Fountain, but today’s is pretty popular […]

Christmas Passed

There were things I missed by being in Canada last month, especially the Christmas tree in Sulzburg’s town square. For me it is a highlight of the season. The tree is still there, but the lights have been removed. Soon it will be taken down and most of the branches stripped from it, Then it […]

Under The Munster

There are a lot of important people buried in the Basel Munster (Minster in English – the large former Roman Catholic cathedral). Doctors, physicians, politicians and others who obviously had some status in society. I didn’t recognize any names, other than Erasmus. And I had no idea how he got from Rotterdam to Basel – […]

Testament of Time

I understand why this piece, originally published in February 2015, was popular in 2019. There has been a movement in Turkey for a number of years to convert the Hagia Sophia from a museum into a mosque and it seemed there was increased talk of that this past year. This was the second-most read post […]

Michael Jackson Was Here

How does a post from 2014 show up as the fifth most popular one here in 2019? I think it is because I used Michael Jackson’s name in the title and that trigger search engines somehow. That might make it a bit disappointing for people looking for something insightful about the King of Pop.   There […]