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Tasty Confusion

For me it was a new twist on pizza-making. I think I liked it. But it did take me aback at first. Do you see what they have done with this one? It was at Zeus 2, my favorite pizzeria in Germany. It is fairly new, an offshoot of Zeus Pizza which has been running […]

Public Art

Came across this sculpture in a park in Lippstadt, Germany. Not quite sure what it is supposed to represent. The plaque at the base didn’t help me either. It indicates the art is a friendly loan from a  fellow citizen, and then names the person. If I had one of these taking up space in […]

Taking Off

Your Monday photo essay is two brave young men taking off from the top of the Blauen in southern Germany. It looks like great fun – as long as the gray clouds they were sailing into decided not to rain on their flights. Clicking on the pictures enlarges them.

A Nice Way To Die?

You won’t catch me trying it. Especially with storm clouds in the sky. Saturday we went to the top of the Blauen, which has become a go-to spot to take visitors from Canada. This time was a bit different though. The great view was the same. So was the wind – which may be why […]

Meet The Uncommon Meat

  I didn’t even look at the prices – I am sure they are outrageous. But the sign outside the butcher shop in Freiburg definitely caught my attention. As a carnivore I appreciate variety from time to time. Especially since I am living in Germany where the go-to meat is pork; not very tasty pork […]

Burgruine Neuenfels

After a couple of visits to this abandoned 13th century castle, I am left with a lot of questions. And that is without getting into the unsolved mass murder of the last people to live here in 1540. I wonder why someone decided to build on this hill as opposed to any of the others […]

Top Of The Hill

It is a couple kilometres hike to the top, depending on your starting point. The view from the ruined castle is worth it though. You get a great view of the valley below. From the remaining ramparts of Burgruine Neuenfels you can see the neighboring towns. Badenwieler and Britzingen are closest, but over there is […]