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Hochberg III

Pictures don’t really do justice to the ruins of the Hochberg castle. Especially given that it was a hazy day. I would imagine in the bright summer sun it becomes an even more impressive sight. Advertisements

Hochberg II

A photo essay today, more pictures from the Hochberg in Emmendingen. We spent about two hours wandering through this ruined castle, and I have this nagging feeling I missed some of it. A visit in the Spring would seem to be in order.

Hochburg I

My wife said she’s heard there was a ruined castle worth seeing near Emmendingen, about 45 minutes away by train. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, and we be walking anyway. Why not walk in Emmendingen? It seems sometimes there is a ruined castle on every hill in Germany. The hill just outside Sulzburg, Castellberg, […]

More Christmas Market

A “picture is worth a thousand words” type of post today. Some more of the photos I took last Saturday at Freiburg’s Christmas market.  

That Time Again

With November ending, Advent and Christmas markets are in full swing throughout Europe. I guess it is the European version of Christmas shopping frenzy. Last year was the first time I had experienced this sort of thing, and I may have overdone it. I took in seven or eight markets – eventually realizing there’s not […]

Evening Falls

I had a book review all ready to go for today, then yesterday evening I went out for a walk. That made me change my mind. I try to get some exercise in every day, which for me means a walk, either in the Black Forest or the vineyards near Sulzburg. Early to mid-afternoons seem […]

More of a Gray Friday

America is renowned for its cultural exports, whether they be Hollywood films, rock and roll or noir detwective novels. If it is popular in the US, it seems inevitable that it will reach the rest of the  world, sooner or later. That goes for the bad as well as the good. Like Black Friday. The […]