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Furry Creatures of Rome

When you think of furry animals in Rome, most tourists think cats. After all, there is a much-visited cat sanctuary downtown. But cats aren’t the only wild animals you can see if you keep your eyes open. There are also nutria, animals I had never heard of  before last week. Had you? We were in […]

Jet Lagged?

Can you experience jet lag after a flight in the same time zone? My brain says no. My body says yes. Just back from a long weekend trip to Rome, and my body feels about as out of whack as it does after a transatlantic voyage. I guess that makes sense in a way – […]

Coming Attractions…

I’m writing this post on an Italian train. I am tired, and it is hot. The train is packed and has no air conditioning. I’m enduring this for you. Travel posts are a big part of the random thoughts you find here. I don’t travel often, but when I do I try and pack in […]

More on Weckensonntag

I’m still traveling, which is why I opted for a rerun today. Mind you, it seemed logical to run the 2018 sequel yesterday’s post, given that they were written to go together.   Continuing from where we left off yesterday, some thoughts on this unique Sulzburg tradition. For my neighbour it is a nostalgic time. When […]

WeckenSonntag 2019

Due to poor planning on my part, I am not in Sulzburg today for one of my favourite events of the year, a festival unique to the community. This saddens me a little, because not only do I appreciate the Christian roots of Weckensonntag, but the free bread was enough to last a few days, […]

More Signs of Spring

Walking through the vineyards yesterday and came across these trees in bloom. I should know what they are (crab-apple perhaps?) but my brain seems to be turning to mush these days. I hear it is still unseasonably cold in Canada. I’d feel guilty about enjoying the German sunshine if I was the sort of person […]

Buyukada Orphanage

I was reading a news report about the possible re-opening of Halki Seminary in Istanbul, which was shuttered by the Turkish government almost 40 years ago, leaving Turkey’s Orthodox church without a seminary to train its priests, when I remembered this post I did four years ago about another Orthodox institution on a neighboring island. […]