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Is This Really Necessary?

Germany, as anyone who lives here can tell you, is a land of rules and regulations. It is a minefield for newcomers who are going to make some minor transgressions of laws written and unwritten – and you can be sure your neighbors will tell you after the fact. When I saw this sign though, […]

Groundhog Day

It is February 2, Groundhog Day, the day North Americans believe a rodent will emerge from its burrow and tell them when Spring will arrive. I don’t believe it. That is because I used to be a groundhog.  Before you wonder about my sanity or spirituality, I should say it has nothing to do with […]

The Geriatric Vote

There is a certain prestige involved in being the world’s oldest person. The oldest living person on record (Biblical accounts are not considered records in these things) was a Russian woman who died earlier this week, supposedly at age 128. Her age has been disputed – there were no records of her birth, and allegations […]


My wife said “you have to take a picture of that.” I smiled and replied, “I already did.” Yesterday was a day to wander. We left Sulzburg with some gentle snowflakes falling and hopped a train to Freiburg. No plans, just enjoy the day. The snow turned to rain, more of a gentle mist really. […]

The Traffic Department

Yesterday’s post about my daughter’s cat reminded me of a time when the cat was actually good for something. I had a lot of fun during the phone call described here, and just as much fun yesterday when I re-read this post from March 16, 2016. I thought it was worth sharing again. “Mr. Anderson, […]

A Christmas Tradition

There are some Canadian Christmas traditions I don’t miss. Living in Germany means I don’t have to deal with my daughter’s cat and the Christmas tree. With her busy schedule and mum and dad not home, I thought she might not bother putting the tree up this year. I guess she decided she couldn’t disappoint […]

Your Sunday Quote