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Is This Writer’s Block?

Speaking of last, it is the last day of the work week. Time to ease into the weekend. I figured some smiles were in order. Problem was, I didn’t know what title to give today’s post. That’s where the writer’s block comes in. I thought of not having a title, but then it would look […]

Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day – which is much more celebrated in Europe than North America. I was wondering why that is. Are women (and men) in North America too busy to celebrate? Or is it seen as an unnecessary event, on par with National Asparagus Day? (I’m sure I don’t have to remind you […]

Monday’s Smiles

Thought we’d start the work week with something to lighten up people’s moods. For the record, I should say that I don’t mind Mondays.

Walking The Dog

What would you do for love? Would you let your spouse lead you around on a leash? In public? That was what a Quebec couple did earlier this month. Police were not amused. The couple were ticketed and fined – $1,546 dollars. It wasn’t the leash that was the problem. Or even that the woman […]

Friday’s Smiles

We’re two weeks into 2021, so I guess it is time to toss out some COVID-19 related humor. Back in March who would have believed the pandemic would still be raging, and worse than ever. These were sent by a friend of mine – so if you don’t find them funny, it is all his […]

2020 In Review – Pigs Is Pigs

I’m not sure who introduced me to this book first, but it remains a perennial favorite. I do remember it was the go-to novel for eighth graders who had neglected to do a book report. You could read it in a couple of minutes, and your report might be longer than the book. This perennial […]

2020 In Review – Welcome to Monday

I’ve used the title more than once, but this attempt at humor comes from 2017. Many people enjoy the weekend so much that Mondays come as a shock. If a picture really is equivalent to a thousand words, then this wordless post says it all. It was the eight most popular post here last year, showing […]

2020 In Review – Remembering Johnny

Another four-year-old post was your ninth most-viewed piece here in 2020. Johnny Hart was someone who managed to integrate this faith and his work life. Even when he was preaching, he was entertaining. Which explains why, 13 years after his death, his comic strip continues with two of his grandsons and a daughter in charge.  […]

One Last Time for 2020

Your last collection of COVID-19 jokes for this calendar year. Hopefully at least one will make you smile.

Turns Out I’m Dead

I’ve been feeling a little tired as 2020 draws to a close. You too perhaps – it has been a stressful year. Turns out I’m not as tired as I feel. I’m actually dead. That is me in the picture. This comes as a great surprise to me. I don’t feel dead. I don’t remember […]