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I was a little uncertain when I was asked if I wanted to preview the upcoming film Samson, which hits theatres February 16. And it wasn’t just because I’m not really into superhero movies. Back when I first started reviewing movies the process was simple. An advance press screening of the film would be scheduled […]

Never Look At The Empty Seats

He’s a simple man (by his own words) and releases his autobiography today. If you aren’t already a fan you probably won’t care enough to read it. But maybe you should reconsider Never Look At The Empty Seats. Charlie Daniels has spent more than 50 years as a musician, doing his own thing for the […]

An Untimely Passing

Gord Downie, lead vocalist of The Tragically Hip, died yesterday. He was 53. Coverage of his death dominated Canadian news. It seems fitting therefore to repeat my thoughts on The Hip and Gord Downie that were published here 14 months ago. END OF THE ROAD? August 20, 2016 Tonight Canada pauses. The Olympics are forgotten. Wars […]

Underground Adventure

The idea intrigued me, then I heard the event was free, which moved it into the “must see” category. ‎Scottish ancestry you know. Kontinuum is an underground adventure happening in Ottawa this summer, ending September 14. For me the major appeal was that much of it takes place in one of the new underground light […]

Music With A Message

Sometimes a line resonates with you; it speaks to your soul. I saw Switchfoot perform earlier this year. First time I had seen them in concert since 2011. That Switchfoot show was the best live performance I saw that year, better even than U2. There was something special about the energy of the crowd and […]

Presenting The Case

I live across the street from a multiplex cinema. That means I see very few movies. I know that doesn’t make sense. The easy access should mean I would see more movies. My intentions are good, but something always comes up and the film I want to see is long gone by the time I […]

True Words

It is that time of year again. For two weeks I will be spending the majority of my time (weather permitting) sitting on the beach with a book. More than one book – I hope to get through at least ten in 14 days. In order to do that I need to concentrate, stay focused […]