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Pentecost Craft Market 2019 – II

Today a photo essay, pictures I didn’t use with yesterday’s post. Advertisements

Pentecost Craft Market 2019 – I

The first casualty of the craft market is parking. Always at a premium in this village, there were no empty parking spaces in town as hundred of people descended on the market square. Many biked, while others parked on the outskirts and hiked into town for one of the biggest events of the year, second […]

All Boxed Up

With winters in this part of Germany relatively mild, it seems that everyone has and uses a bicycle – which means there are parking issues. Many people ride their bike from home to the train station, where they lock it up for the day as they commute into Freiburg.┬áSome people take their bike with them […]

Not What I Thought

Once I was inside, I realized I hadn’t understoodhe sign at all. The church wasn’t that old, despite being an “old Catholic church.” Somehow I missed that “Old Catholic” was a denomination. It didn’t look like a church from the exterior, which is probably why I walked past a few dozen times over the past […]

The Crossing

  I wonder if I went back today, would it still be there? And where was it going? It was an early evening walk. Just a couple of blocks away from our apartment there was a snail crossing the path. Slowly. In the time I watched there was no appreciable movement. Last week, when I […]

Remembering The Battle

It has been 75 years since D-Day, and the generation that fought that battle is almost gone. This week though, we have been remembering a pivotal moment in world history with a series of posts I write five years ago. When we visited the Juno Beach Centre I came away with a feeling of not […]

Still Politically Incorrect

This week, to share in the observance of the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the Allied invasion or Normandy, I am repeating some posts from my visit there five years ago, The words jumped out from the printed page in the display case at the Juno Beach Centre, the Canadian D-Day Museum in Courseilles sur […]