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If I Complained, Would You Listen?

  Standing in my kitchen yesterday I felt like I was getting whiplash. My head was jerking back and forth, left and right as I was trying to track the fly I could hear buzzing but couldn’t see. I had the flyswatter in my hand, and before long I had dispatched four flies to meet […]

A Big Leap

Anyone who has taken the train from Freiburg to the resort town of Titisee knows the stag. As the train goes trough a gorge you suddenly see it on the crest of the cliff above, poised to jump. You want to take a picture of course, to share the sight with your friends. ButĀ  by […]

All In The Marketing

I needed new earbuds to use on my various devices. The ones I bought a few months back at a dollar store in Ottawa were showing signs of impending death. The still worked, or at least one ear did. And while no-one had complained about my microphone, my computer kept sending me messages that my […]

The Job Interview

I think this would be my worst nightmare!

Hanging In There

Real life isn’t quite like that of course. When you reach adulthood you quickly learn that the freedom you envisaged is much more restrictive than you expected it to be when you were a teenager. You can’t really do whatever you want. Those of us who have passed that initial threshold of adulthood are the […]

Long Memories

When you are from North America you have a different view of time than they do in Europe (and other places of the world also). Canada and the USA are young countries when it comes to recorded history, something that really hit home on Saturday. We were pulled off the road in Riedlingen, waiting for […]

Little Country Church

The third time the car broke down Saturday we pushed it off the road and into the laneway for the church in Riedlingen – a town I had driven through but never found any reason to stop. Older churches here come in two varieties: Catholic or what North Americans call Lutheran. Many of the Lutheran […]

Envying The Children

When I was a child my favorite play structure was near the model homes in the housing developmentĀ  my family moved in. No swings, no slides – but there were tunnels. Somewhere back in Canada I have a black and white photo I took with my first camera in 1964. It was basically a couple […]

Highly Debatable

  The four contenders for the leadership of Canada’s Conservative party square off in an English-language debate tonight, as they did in French last night. Why should you care? If you are a Canadian you should be interested; one of these four will be the next leader of the Official Opposition, and possibly Prime Minister […]

Are You Still Here?

We’re halfway through the week, and if you are reading this the world hasn’t ended. You probably didn’t realize global apocalypse was on the schedule this week. You may remember a decade ago there was much speculation about the Mayan calendar. Supposedly it predicted the end of the world for December 2012. I seem to […]