Witty Wednesday

I spent a good chunk of Tuesday doing my taxes (which as Canadians know are due Monday). It was a relatively painless experience.

Almost 50 years ago I was a tax assessor for what is now called the Canada Revenue Agency. I know how to fill in a tax form, even though it is a lot more complicated than it was in 1975. But I don’t. I spend the money each year to invest in tax software.

I’m not sure if it really saves me any time, given that I go over the forms manually once the software has done its thing, checking to make sure I have gotten all the deductions I am entitled to.

Am I getting a refund this year, or do I owe the taxman? Yes. It wasn’t a surprise – I usually have a pretty good idea where I stand before year-end. It isn’t rocket science after all.

But I will admit I don’t have the mental freshness for a scintillating post today. So I thought some midweek humor was in order. I hope you agree.


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