That Time of Year

It is teh middle of April and the last of the winter snow melted from my back yard on Friday. That must mean it is time for some Spring cleaning, both inside and out. Want to lend a hand?

First, we have to decide where to start. Which is more important, the outside or inside? The yard needs to be raked of those leaves I didn’t get to last fall. The barbecue should be cleaned before I do any grilling.

And then there are the windows. I can still see out of them, but there is no doubt they could use a cleaning, inside and out. The sooner the better for the outside, so I don’t have to battle though all the foliage that is about to spring up and bloom.

As well there are those tasks that got put on hold during the business of the season. I have a lot of paperwork to plough through that has been sitting on my desk for a while. The urgent has been dealt with, but there are still some things that I need to make a decision on as to whether the materials should be filed or recycled.

Oh, and I forgot about the shed in the back yard. It’s full of stuff, and maybe it is time to make some decisions. It must be close to 15 years since I was last on my bicycle. I used to ride to work every day, but that was before I started working downtown I’m not a big fan of cycling in traffic. Should I find a new home for the bike, or get back on it?

The problem is, as the memory of a long snowy winter fades, do I want to be spending the nice weather cleaning? Especially becasue every time I finish a task I can think of something else that needs to be done.

Obviously, what I need is to find a balance. And I can get everything done. All I need is an extra day each week that no-one else knows about. Or maybe I just need to stop procrastinating – do some cleaning instead of just writing about it.

Then again, maybe I should just say that I am finished my spring cleaning, and hope nobody looks too closely.


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