Tuesday’s Fallout

According to my calendar I had only one meeting Tuesday. So I made plans on how I would spend the rest of the day. You can guess the rest.

More than one meeting. Phone calls, Texts, Unexpected emails that required an immediate response. And my carefully planned day turned out very different from what I had planned.

No complaints. Days like that happen. And today may be chaos – there was supposed to be freezing rain overnight. Ottawa Hydro warned me that I could be without power when I wake up this morning. So rather than wait, i thought I’d get this online quickly.

Which means it wasn’t the post I planned; that one isn’t finished yet. But it is Wednesday. Smiles are in order. Though if the power goes out for a week or more, as has happened during ice storms in teh past, I won’t be impressed. But I don’t really expect that to happen.


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