Monday Reflections

It’s Monday and my brain for some reason wants to shut down.

Gray weather can do that. Spring sunshine and warmer temperatures can’t be that far away, but there are probably other factors preventing me from delivering deep insights today. I’ve been reading too much

I spent my weekend reading about government ethics, both scholarly articles and books, flavored with some background philosophy to give me a grounding in ethics in general.

It’s a dry and sometimes depressing subject, so we won’t delve into the details here. The good news is I think I figured out a way to improve things. The bad news is my brain is fried.

So today a few pictures from Egypt. You probably recognize the Sphinx – one of the most visited tourist spots in the world.

I was there twice in 2022, and have a few things to say about it and whether it was worth the visit, but I’m going to save those for another day when my brain function is above ten per cent. (Hint – I visited twice.)

For today, just enjoy the pictures. On a morning when I woke up to snow and winter driving conditions, it is nice to see some sunshine.

Tuesday we’ll address the biggest new of the day. Unless something bigger happens between now and then.


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