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If you haven’t taken the TikTik poll yet, you can find it here. Click on the answer of your choice.

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  1. Neil Remington Abramson · · Reply

    It’s tragic China is being appointed the “enemy” in our dualistic world where only one way can be accepted as “right” and the others, by definition, wrong or worse. I doubt Tik Tok is any moe the agent of the Chinese government than Facebook might be the agent of the American. I wouldn’t support Chinese tyranny, nor anyone else’s tyranny, but I would support self determination and coexistence. If the Chinese want to be the way they are, a repressive dictatorship, they are r welcome to it. We should focus on our own disadvantaged and not theirs, at the expense of our own.

    I have Tik Tok but haven’t used it. I have Facebook but find it empty. I’m tempted to delete both but will probably keep Facebook.

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