Is It Monday Already?

I couldn’t resist sharing this one to start the week. My first Zoom meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m.

(Well, I also have one at 4:30 a.m. that I routinely skip. Everyone else on that call is based in Europe, and we have an agreemment that my sleep is important.) 

I’ve never suggested that Zoom meetings are boring. Or any more boring that other meetings. Even when they were. It just isn’t polite.

I’m also prejudiced. I’ve never liked getting together with a group of people to discuss things or make a decision. It always seems to take needlessly long.

If you have information I need to know, send it to me in writing. It’s faster and there really is no need to meet.

If a decision needs to be made, I don’t think a meeting is necessary either. One person is more likely to make the correct decision than a group. A wise person once suggested a committee is a group of people comprised of many heads and no brain. A bit harsh perhaps, but there’s a kernel of truth there. 

Give someone the authority to make the decision and leave me out of it. After the fact I may regret not having had input, but that is probably only in rare cases.

The one advantage to online meetings is that I can usually attend with my camera off and microphone muted. I can turn them on if I feel I must add to whatever is being contemplated. 

With the others on the call unable to see or hear me, I can then take the time to get some real work done while keeping half an ear on the proceedings. Half an ear is usually more than required to follow what is happening.

In-person meetings, on the other hand, usually come with snacks. There is an understanding that a small bribe is necessary if you want good attendance, and many of us are ruled by our stomachs.

If you must attend a meeting, which do you prefer? Online or in person? Any particular reason?


One comment

  1. A-ha! So you’re one of those people who like to keep the camera/mic off and multitask during meetings. Always hard as a presenter/moderator if you can’t see faces (a problem I’m often faced with – pardon the pun)

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