Camels Everywhere

I suppose it could be seen as the ultimate tourist experience. I passed on it.

It has been more than 40 years since the last time I was on horseback, but I remember what the experience eas like. My guess is a camel would be less comfortable – and I can’t say I find horses all that comfy.

When you tour the Giza area pyramids of Egypt you are constantly being pestered by those who want to sell you a camel ride. I’ll admit it would make for an iconic picture, you on a camel in front of the magnificent structures. 

I’m sure the camels at the pyramids are all gentle beasts, bred to be tourist-ridden. And the price seemed reasonable – 150 egyptian pounds for 20 minutes, if I remember correctly.  That’s about 10 Canadian dollars.

But having gotten this far in life without riding a camel, I didn’t feel any burning desire to experience it. They probably smell.

Not to mention that you would be that much closer to the sun. It is already hot out there, do you want to get closer to the heat source? I didn’t.

Still, it did look like fun.


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