Mother Russia

I was thinking about my friend Myles yesterday, I have no idea why. Myles died while I was living in Germany. I didn’t know he was sick, and never got a chance to say goodbye.

I remember the day I met Myles. It was July 1, 1978, in Alfred, Ontario, at an outdoor show when he was the frontman for a band named Avalon (not to be confused with the American Christian vocal band from the 1990s and 2000s). I remember it partially because it was cold that evening, so cold that before the sound check it seemed as if the drumskins were frozen. Winter in July.

It was early in my radio career, and I remember introducing myself to Myles before the show and talking about his music. I can’t remember if I had a tape recorder rolling, but I do remember bits and pieces of the conversation. We hit it off, and stayed in touch, on and off, from that day forward. If I was passing through Toronto, and he wasn’t touring, we would get together to catch up.

Friday afternoon, I was listening to the first Avalon album, Voice of Life, released in 1977 and wondered if there were any live videos of the band online. I remember a dynamic live show, but given how long ago that was I doubted there would have been much live footage made back then, and probably it has vanished over the years.

Certainly I didn’t find any live material. not from Avalon, or from Myles’ subsequent bands and solo work. There were some studio videos though. The 80s look so different today!

I also found this video that former Avalon bass player Mannfred Leidecker put together a decade ago. “Mother Russia” was not one of my favorite tracks on Voice of Life, but it seemed like something topical to share today. The images may be from the Soviet Union days, but the Russian leadership today doesn’t seem to have changed much.

Click on the image at the top to play the video.


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