Let The Games Begin

I just erased today’s post. Deliberately.

It was about the Olympic Games, whihc officialy open today in Beijing. I discussed the politics of the games, the human rights abuses by China (and other host countries going back to Berlin 1936), the various cheating scandals and a suggestion that perhaps it was time to jettison the Olympic model.

The more I thought about it, the longer the post got. And then I thought, why depress you on a Friday?

So instead a deacde-old cartoon that makes much the same point – but allows you to laugh as well.


One comment

  1. What I like best about the Olympics now is the complete blurring of ‘lines’ when it comes to race (or whatever the term is today). You cannot look at an athlete and instinctively say what country they are competing for nor what country they were born in. Canadian athletes Alex Cai and Amar Dhesi come to mind.

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