Greek Theatre – I

It is one of those places you wish you could go to take in a concert. Such history – and I imagine the acoustics are great!

I have been to thousands of concerts in my lifetime, but offhand I can’t remember seeing any in what would be considered an iconic location. I’ve never been to Carnegie Hall in New York City, The Budokan in Tokyo or the Royal Albert Hall in London. Possibly the closest has been Massey Hall in Toronto, or maybe the Pantages Theatre in that same city.

I remember Pink Floyd recorded an album in Pompei back in 1971. But I can’t think of any famous records that recorded at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus on the side of Acropolis Hill in Athens. Which surprises me.

Frank Sinatra performed there, as did Elton John. Diana Ross, the Foo Fighters, Jethro Tull and a who’s who of Greek performers have also graced the stage.

The gates were closed the day I was there. Maybe they were setting up for a show. Which means I had to be content with looking through the gate, or taking pictures from above. Given that the place is almost 2,000 years old (with the roof having been destryoed almost 1,700 years ago qand not replaced), I can see there might be a loose rock or two that might make it dangerous for people wandering around unattended.

But they couldn’t stop my imagination. Just think what it would be like to go to a show in a venue that has been around that long! How can you not have a sense of history?

Someday maybe I’ll get back to Athens and take in a concert at the Odeon. Until then, I can only dream.


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