Are You Kidding Me?

Today is December 30, as 2021 is winding down. That means yeserday was December 29, four days after Christmas.

If you feel I am stating the obvious, put it down to my disturbed state. Yesterday, 47 days before Valentine’s Day, I saw Easter candy at the store. Don’t try and tell me it wasn’t Easter candy – where else do you mix rabbits and eggs?

Last time I checked a calendar, Easter 2022 was scheduled for April 17. Why in the world is Easter candy on display when the holiday is more than three months away? I know retailers will do whatever they can to sell product, but I can’t be the only one who thinks this is a little early.

Can I?


One comment

  1. imaginarywoman · · Reply

    That is indeed crazy early! Although maybe we should be looking to celebrating the true meaning of Easter more often in our lives!!!

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