Is It Jealousy?

There has been a fuss this week over the Pandora Papers, as there was over the Panama Papers a few years back. Now we know where the rich and famous are doing their banking.

I’m not sure I understand why this is news. That people of means use banking havens to avoid paying taxes is not new. Wouldn’t you do the same if you had a lot of money?

Or do you prefer to pay more tax than you need to? Do you really think government is doing that good a job?

I must admit I haven’t read deeply on the topic, but from what I do know, no laws are being broken, by Canadians anyway. Allegations of money laundering and unsavory practices remain unproven.

I also don’t remember any Canadians facing charges over what was revealed in the Panama Papers. So again, why is this news? Where is the public interest? Will anyone care in a month from now?

Can it be that we, the little people, are jealous of those who have more than we do and want to see them embarrassed by having their personal information published for all to see? Is that possible?


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