It’s not the bad guys…

… who worry me. It is the good guys.

People who are obviously evil don’t last long. Dictators like Hitler or Stalin may have a short run, but in the end they are removed from power.

What I fear more are the self-righteous, those sure their cause is just, and apparently unable to understand why anyone wouldn’t see things the same way. 

I wrote those words back in January, jotted them down and intended to finish the post the next day. For some reason I never got back to it.

Looking at them again yesterday, I struggled with the idea. I could expand on the thoughts, point out how many of today’s “progressive” leaders scare me. They are so certain their ideas are right that anyone who speaks against “right thinking” is accused of hate speech.

The same holds true of those who hold ideas the progressives abhor. The are so certain of their cause that they automatically demonize those who have differing views. Dialogue seems to be a lost art.

On reflection though I think I’ll leave it there for today.

Who scare you more? Those who are blatantly evil? Or those who claim to be on the side of the angels?



  1. But can you train altruism? Or any other virtue? Or is our fallen state such that only those with relisious convictions can hope to espose the ideals we claim to cherish. And evven those people, being human, so frequently fail.

  2. Neil Remington Abramson · · Reply

    Why do people feel the need to be led, surrendering their personal responsibility for their own lives, to someone they deem to be wiser and more able, who often seems like Humpty Dumpty before his fall?

    Even in Canada, parliamentarians have surrendered so much collective power and authority to prime ministers that parliament has become virtually cheerleaders, and the people have allowed, and even revelled in it.

    The best leader, in my opinion, is the one who sincerely didn’t want the position but was dragooned. But is there one like that? Perhaps Plato was right. Leaders should be trained in leadership school from an early age, to be altruistic, cooperative, collegial, and especially to have no interest in materialism or self aggrandizement.

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