Beautiful Weeds

Saw these dandelions growing at the edge of a vineyard yesterday. Given their location, I guess they are just as much weeds here are they are in Canada.

Which is strange when you think about it. People eat the greens and drink a wine made out of dandelion – why does this flower fall into the “weed” category? Is it becasue it is so prolific and tries to take over and field it grows in?

We attach labels to things (and people) for convenience. Usually that works well – but there is always the possibility of getting lost in the label, of accepting a stereotype as being always true. It is easier though to accept our presuppositions.

Somehow looking at these “weeds” brough to mind a song I played freqeuntly back in my radio days in the 1980s. Sting’s “Russians” is a reminder that there is much that can bind us togther – if we will let it.


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