Predictions For 2021

Welcome to 2021. Got any plans for this year? Do you think it is safe to make them, given how many of our plans were upended last year?

Most of us enter a new year with a sense of optimism. No matter what has come before, this is a new beginning. The slate is clean; it is up to us as to what we write.

I thought I’d do something different today to start the new year: I’m going to make some predictions about 2021.

Anyone doing so on January 1 last year probably got it wrong. It was that sort of year. And given that I have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow let alone during the year, there’s a high probability I won’t get anything right today.

Still, I thought it would be amusing to see if anything I imagine today will come true. Like many seers, I’ll try to keep things vague enough that I can claim I got t right. Plus one or two explicit guesses that will make me look good if they turn out to be accurate. If they don’t, I’m hoping you will forget them.

My first prediction is that COVID-19 will continue to dominate headlines for at least six months. After that things may quiet down a little as more people are vaccinated – but I could be completely wrong about that. 

Taking a wild guess, I think Donald Trump will attend the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States. Everyone expects him to skip the ceremony, and Trump, ever the contrarian, will surprise people by showing up. I offer no prediction as to whether he will try and seize the microphone to talk about how the election was “stolen.”

Staying with US politics, Joe Biden won’t finish the year as president. He may step down due to health issues, or, given his age, he may just keel over unexpectedly and die. I think the Democratic Party has hoped all along to have Kamala Harris take over the top job sooner rather than after the 2024 election. 

Canadians will have a federal election in 2021. The average life of a minority government is 18 months, which we will reach in April. The Prime Minister desperately wants voting to take place while people still think he handled the pandemic well – and before the bills come due.

In 2021 many people will be reluctant to return to public gatherings. After a year of social distancing and meeting online, the way we get together will not immediately bounce back to pre-pandemic levels. People will be reluctant to attend concerts and sporting events. Even church attendance will be down. 

In both Canada and the US there will be controversy over the COVID-19 vaccination programs. (Okay, I’m cheating. With any endeavor hat large there is bound to be controversy. It may be access, it may be side effects, but something will make the news.)

There will be another high-profile killing of a Black American by police, followed by more riots and calls for justice. This prediction seems like a no-brainer. The underlying issue of gun control in the USA won’t be addressed.

Fighting will break out between two countries you would have difficulty finding on a map. Hundreds, maybe thousands of civilians will die. Most people won’t care. Many of us are geographically challenged after all, and we have difficulty being concerned about something happening so far away. 

At some point in the year there will be the suggestion from someone in the scientific community that at some point life has exited on another planet in our solar system. Or a planet in another solar system. Details will be vague, and if the story sounds familiar that is because some scientist says the same thing every year.

A major airline will declare bankruptcy, blaming COVID-19 and the travel restrictions. This will come as no surprise to anyone.

So there you have it. I think that is ten predictions for 2021. If pressed, I’d say I expect a minimum of seven or eight of them to come true. Maybe even nine. The one I’m most iffy on is the Biden resignation – I really don’t expect that until mid 2022. But I left it in anyway.

Now it is your turn. What are your predictions for the year to come.


  1. Easy call on the scandal. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Sens do well. (And that is ice hockey for those of you thinking politics). And the idea of bankruptcies is sad – but probably inevitable.

  2. There will be one more Canadian Government scandal, but everyone will be focused on the virus. The Senators will surprise and be #2 in the Canadian division. Major bankruptcies for corporations and individuals will begin Q4 2021

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