You and God

I’m supposed to be at the beach today, but the border was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m thinking of sand though.

Which brought this poem to mind, a modern classic about humans and our relationship with our Creator. I must admit I’ve always felt it was a little simplistic, even if I agree with the sentiment.

I identify more, I think, with today’s second image, found after the poem. Is that just me? Which speaks to you more?



Enjoy your Sunday – even if you aren’t spending it at the beach!



  1. When I visited Heidelburg years ago they shut down the small city on Sundays and everyone went and sat in the park by the riverside. Gotta take one’s small opportunities! Air Canada’s revenue is down over 80% in one quarter, so they miss you! Then again, as this is a partially religious post, Pestilence is one of the four Horsemen, eh?

    1. Heidelburg (and everywhere else in Germany) is still shut down on Sunday. Air Canada already has my money for my next flight, so they don’t really miss me.

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