Friday Fun


After two days of serious posts about the situation in the USA, I think we all could use a break. So some humor today.

I learned early on that my sense of humor isn’t like other people’s. You may have experienced that also – jokes seem to be subjective. Something I think is funny may not even elicit a chuckle from you.

So today, half a dozen (or so) attempts at humor. There’s a couple here I don’t think are all that funny. I included them because I thought you would like them.

Of course, if you don’t think they are funny either, then I don’t know what to do – except to say I’ll try and do better tomorrow. What more could you ask?


This one worries me a little – I am sure there are people who think that way.



I just bought a new pillow. Not sure I like it. At least I don’t have a long neck.


I thought children would like this  one.

Funny Friday 13

Why do I think this is a true story?



Maybe wear loafers instead?

Dave Blazek

I think there was a printer ink charge on an invoice I received recently. German bills are very thorough – and forests die unnecessarily as a result.



  1. lol.

  2. These did help lighten my mood! Thank you!!

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