Is It Fast?


Though I am not a farm boy, I have seen my share of tractors over the years – but never one like this.

Sunday afternoon in Feldberg (not to be confused with the town of the same name in the Titisee region), we were taking in some nice views of the vineyards and surrounding hills and generally enjoying a beautiful Spring day. As we cut through the village we noticed this tractor sitting in a garage.


It’s obviously old, and in pretty good condition. It was the manufacturer though that drew my attention. This is no Massey Ferguson or John Deere, the first names that come to mind when tractors are mentioned. Nor is it a Kubota, the Japanese tractor I have seen so much of in recent years.

This one is a Porsche.


I knew the company was famous for more than sports cars. After all, the Volkswagen Beetle was a Porsche design. But I never knew they made tractors.

Quick research tells me they were only made between 1957 and 1963, which means this one is around 60 years old. It looks in fine shape.

I wonder why our cars can’t last like that?




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