The Day In Between

This post first ran in 2016. Today seems like a good time to repeat it. I did add a word – ca o figure out which one?

This is the in-between day. Yesterday was Good Friday. Tomorrow is Easter. Sorrow will be turned into laughter. Mourning into joy.

They didn’t know that in 29 A.D. of course (a calendar error means our dating of BC and AD are a little off). They knew all about Good Friday, about the dashing of hopes and dreams. They didn’t know Easter was coming.

We do. Which makes Good Friday, as solemn as the church services make it, nowhere near as depressing as it must have been for that first century group of Jesus’ followers. Since we already know the outcome, we can’t really reach that depth of despondency. For them Friday was the end of the road. For us it is a milestone day on the way to Sunday.

We get upset when someone tells us the ending of a book we haven’t read or movie we haven’t seen, but in this situation it probably helps to know the ending in advance.

Not just the Good Friday to Easter Sunday ending, but what comes after. In an unsettled world, with wars and rumours of wars, with flood and famine, pandemic and natural disaster, in a world where there seems to be very little peace, it is good that we already know how things will come out in the end. That doesn’t seem to spoil things for me in the slightest.


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