Narrowing The Field

Last week pundits were calling Bernie Sanders unstoppable in the race for the US Democratic party nomination. Now Joe Biden is the front runner.

Last week Biden’s campaign looked all but over. Now other big-name candidates have dropped out, throwing their support to him in the hopes of stopping Sanders.

Biden is the hope of the Democratic establishment. Sanders is an outsider. Whether either can beat Donald Trump in November is questionable.

Biden decided not to run last time round, citing family reasons. As Barack Obama’s vice-president he would have had a lot of support.

In 2016 Sanders blew a breath of fresh air into the Democrats. His progressive ideas and outsider status captivated a large segment of the population.

I thought then he was the best chance the Democrats had to hold the presidency. It seemed obvious to me America was looking for an outsider.

Mind you, I didn’t think Sanders was the best candidate for the presidency. There were others, Republican and Democrat I saw as better choices. And with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, there was only one Democrat he could beat – the one they chose, Hillary Clinton.

In a Trump-Sanders contest I had Sanders as a sure winner. He was an outsider with a consistent track record who inspired his followers. Trump trafficked predominantly in fear.

That was then. In 2020 I would expect Trump to beat Sanders. Incumbency has its advantages. Trump hasn’t been as scary as his opponents claimed he would be. That would be hard for anyone. Trump still knows how to motivate his base.

Sanders might have been better moving into the position of elder statesman rather than trying to win one last election. He’s 78 after all. He’s already had heart problems, and he wants what may be the world’s most stressful job? The voters may think twice about that.

Joe Biden is 77. Voters may think twice about his age also. Donald Trump is a comparatively useful 73. Elizabeth Warren, the top female contender, is 70.

I must admit I am disappointed with what the Democrats offered the American people this year. So often it seemed they were re-fighting the 2016 campaign, offering the same ideas they lost with then.

The mantra talking points on women’s right to choose or gender issues, that fly in the face of logic saddened me. Where are politicians with courage to address biological facts?

Whether you choose abortion or not, biologically it is still a baby. The state may allow certain forms of baby-killing, but don’t try to sugarcoat it. And don’t tell me it is your “right.” If the state bestows it then the state can take it away.

And gender is also scientifically determined, whether you like it or not. Choosing to believe otherwise flies in the face of logic. The state can licence, but don’t call it science.

As Democrats coalesce behind either Biden or Sanders, I am wondering where the next generation of leaders is? Why aren’t young men or young women receiving more support in their presidential bids? Was Obama a failed experiment? I wouldn’t have thought so.

I’m younger than they are, and you don’t see me running for political office. I think it is time for the next generation to step up.

Is a group of aging white men the best America has to offer?



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