Skywalker Rising

I liked the ending. Somehow it seemed fitting.

I could have done with a little less action though – it seemed like one light-sabre battle after another, to the point they all seemed the same. And, spoiler alert, you know the good guys are going to win.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker brings to a conclusion George Lucas’ nine-part epic space chronicle that first hit the silver screen back in 1977. Having seen most of them in a theatre (the exception being the 2017 offering The Last Jedi which I saw on a plane since I was living nowhere near a theatre when it came out ) it made sense to gather a group of friends and make it a communal adventure.

Fans of the Star Wars series will, I think, be satisfied with this one. There’s enough homage to the first three films (confusingly numbered four through six) to anchor the story, and not enough to annoy those who may never have seen them. That the films don’t seem to hold together with one overarching vision is too bad, but not surprising given the number of cooks involved in this broth.

Maybe I should have been taking notes rather than just enjoying the film. But If I had done that I would probably have found many things to be critical of. This is not a great film, though it will make a pile of money. It is definitely more entertainment than art.

As a Christian I have always been interested in the religious mish-mash that is the Star Wars universe. There are elements of half a dozen religions woven into the story to make a syncretistic morality play.

The film has a certain amount or cross imagery. As a Christian I get that –  it is only through the cross that evil is vanquished. No surprise therefore that Christian concepts of redemption and resurrection come into play. Strange though to see that in a Hollywood blockbuster.

The special effects are, of course, stunning. This is Star Wars at its finest. The acting is no more (and no less) stilted than in the other films. This is not a film to see if you are looking for great acting. It is, more or less, a children’s cartoon after all.

I have no idea if this is how George Lucas saw his series ending back when he first conceived it. He probably wouldn’t tell anyway. I’m sure he didn’t expect it to be 42 years between the first and last movies.

Except this won’t be the last one. When Lucas sold the franchise to Disney, he ensured that Star Wars will live on. I figure they will announce the next movie in the franchise early in the new year.

I saw this film because I like to finish what I start. With The Rise of Skywalker my commitment to the Star Wars franchise has been fulfilled. I don’t know if they will be able to get me out to see the next ones, whenever they make it to theatres.

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