Making America Great Again

I woke Wednesday morning to an “Impeachment Alert” in my email inbox. It got through my spam filter, so it must be important. And I had been trying hard to ignore the ongoing impeachment proceedings in Washington.

The Republicans want me to contribute to an emergency fundraising goal to “defend Trump.” They called me “Fellow Patriot.”

I’m flattered, but I am no American patriot. I’m not a US citizen, and as I understand it, donating to their cause would break  their laws. I guess they don’t care.

Although I note that campaign finances laws supposedly require them to collect my employment information. And reading the fine print I see my donation, if I made one, would not be tax-deductible.

Just a couple of  quick thoughts on this appeal.

  1. Donald Trump should need no defence other than the truth. He says he did nothing wrong. If that is true then the legal proceedings he faces are nothing but a waste of taxpayer money – and that will soon become evident.
  2. While the impeachment proceedings are politically motivated, serious questions have been raised about the legality of some of the president’s foreign policy decisions and interactions with foreign governments. It strikes me as an outsider that all Americans would want this situation clarified and the truth to come out.
  3. What exactly will these Republicans do with the money they use to “defend Trump?” Buy advertising time on all the networks? Spread disinformation on social media? Why would I donate to something so undefined, from an organization that doesn’t even have its head sign the email?
  4. Why is the fundraising deadline “only days away?” The proceedings will drag on for a while. Or is this precautionary – get the money in case the president is found guilty?

What neither Republicans nor Democrats seem to understand is that the US has pretty much tired of their partisan games. If they spent half as much time trying to craft legislation and working together for the good of the nation, they really could make America great again.

Do you think that is likely to happen?

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  1. Brad Darbyson · · Reply

    The Republicans are complicit in dragging out the impeachment charade?

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