It is a new day and a new week. What are your plans?
Do something different today, something you’ve thought about, but have never made the time for.

Do something nice for someone else. Read a book, just for pleasure. Go for a walk in the sunshine. Or in the rain or snow.

Call an old friend and catch up. Write a letter, a real one, not an email. Hand-written, not computer generated. Find a stamp and stick that letter in the mail.

Play a board game with your family. Ride a bike. Go for a swim. Admire the scenery.

Listen to some music. Better yet, grab your instrument and play some music. You can do that; your voice is an instrument – sing!

Look at old family photos.  Make some new family memories.

Volunteer at the local homeless shelter or soup kitchen – they could use the help at other times than Christmas. Make friends with a refugee. Discover their culture and help them navigate yours.

Go to church. It is Sunday after all. Spend some time in worship and prayer. If you haven’t done that for a while, you will be surprised at how much better you will feel for having done so. God has missed you, he’ll be glad to see you back and won’t ask any awkward question. He already knows your answers.

It’s Sunday again. Make the most of it. Why not dream big?