Thank You 2018

It seems somehow fitting as the old year ends, as 2018 rolls into 2019, that I pause for a moment and thank you for being here.

I’ve been inhabiting this small corner of the internet for more than four years, and have enjoyed being able to share my thoughts, to make concrete some things that were rattling around in my brain (and on occasion indulge in pure silliness). However, there would be no point in posting those thoughts if no-one was reading them. It is very gratifying to know that the (usually) daily posts are appreciated. Thank you so much for all the “likes” and comments in 2018.

As the year ends, I have been thinking about “success” and what defines it. There are thousands of “how to blog” sites out there, and I have over the years checked out a few, even subscribed to some. They all would seem to be pretty much in agreement that I am doing it all wrong here. I’m okay with that.

Supposedly, to be “successful” a blog needs focus and predictability. Bloggers are encouraged to choose a topic/theme for their blog and stick with it. That sounds like great advice to me. I’d follow it, and maybe thousands more people would reads my posts, but is that “success?” I suppose so, but is it what I want? How would I choose what to specialize in? My interests include theology, politics, music, travel and numerous other topics. Off-line I talk about more than one thing, why should I restrict myself here? Success is about more than numbers.

Too often in life we don’t stop and think about what is best for us, we are too quick to accept social norms and what other people think we should do. (That doesn’t mean living an unrestrained life. There are Biblical guidelines for living that have a purpose – we ignore them to our own detriment, though that may not always be apparent.) Often those people are well-meaning, but they aren’t you.

It is easier to go with the flow, to accept that advice from the majority. The majority though is not always right. Sometimes you should take a stand, even an unpopular one, and let history judge.

The standards of success our society uses are all too often sub-human. We laud those with power, money, fame, athletic prowess. You won’t find much in the media praising those whose strength is praying for others. There is little said to celebrate those who live quiet lives as exceptional fathers and mothers. Should not those things be considered “success?” Who sets those criteria? How do you measure success?

Thank you again for spending time with me in 2018. I have no idea what will happen in this space in 2019 (including tomorrow – I haven’t planned that far ahead), but I hope it will be entertaining and informative and perhaps bring the occasional pause for thought. If you haven’t clicked “Follow” in the right-hand column, why not do so? That way you won’t miss anything,

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  1. peterofarabia · · Reply

    Thank *you* Lorne, for these daily snippets. They almost make up for our weekly sprawling conversations that have to be on hiatus these days. I especially appreciate when you take the time to thoughtfully articulate a Christ-centred response to a difficult issue or circumstance. The cat photos are great too 🙂

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