Thursday Morning

I was thinking today I would post some reflections on Tuesday’s terrorist attack in Strasbourg, France. As I write, the suspect is still at large.

Looking at what I had written for today’s post though, I want to let my thoughts percolate for a day or so. I may feel differently tomorrow and want to amend today’s words. I don’t think I will, but given the gravity of the situation I want to be sure. There are a lot of things I could say, but I don’t want to add to the sometimes mindless noise that seems to follow these events.

I think it was in a book on politics I came across a line about how it was better to respond than react (and even better to be setting the conversation). Reaction tends to be emotional and as a result frequently regrettable. (For examples think of a certain American politician who handles his own Twitter account.)

So instead today a bit of humour borrowed from a friend’s Facebook page. I know intellectually that the sentiment in it cannot be possible, but I certainly feel like it is true.


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