Urban Floating

It didn’t appeal to me as a family outing, but I was outvoted. So, I carried the bags. IMG_4432

For several months my wife has been intrigued by the idea of floating down the Rhine river in Basel, Switzerland. Turns out it is very popular – thousands of people do it, and there are usually only a couple of fatalities annually.

I’m not a strong swimmer, and floatation devices aren’t allowed. I figured I would just watch. It didn’t look that bad mind you.

You are however expected to place your belongings, including a wallet and cell phone, in a waterproof bag that you bring with you into the water. Depending on the size, the bag will cost you about 25 dollars. IMG_4452

Since I wasn’t swimming we didn’t buy a bag.  I’m not sure I would want to trust my electronic devices to something like that, but I am told they hardly ever leak. I carried a backpack and a couple of shopping bags of stuff to the planned destination, so that the swimmers would have towels and clothing waiting for them.

On a hot July day there was a steady stream of people floating down the river. Even more were enjoying themselves on the shore. The city has installed free public washrooms, which were much appreciated by my family. There are cafes and mobile vendors if you are hungry or thirsty. IMG_4448

All in all, it was a very pleasant trip. I may try it next time – though that leans we would have to buy a bag.


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